Failing at Blogging

Obviously blogging has fallen to the wayside but I have legitimate excuses.

a) someone hacked my blog (why, oh why would someone do that to this little ole blog?) and I couldn’t get in for quite some time.

b) I was too busy kicking ass and taking names in my academics

No Big Deal. Straight A’s. Not like I was stressed or anything


c) I spent my days shopping for Christmas Gifts and then shopping some more to make sure I got the best deal.

d) I have been using all of my inspirational sources to work on leaving as many Operation Beautiful stickers as possible. I love Caitlin and her blog but Operation Beautiful holds a special place in my heart. I have been leaving notes for about a year but only recently have a began to take responsibility for them and tell people of why I do it. I once found one when I was really sick and it said ‘remember: someone out there loves you even with your flaws’. Obviously it was exactly what I needed and I hope that in the last year to have that impact on at least one girl. During final/holiday season I felt there was a huge need for notes for all those girls dealing with their own demons or self-doubt. I may have gone through several pads of sticky notes….

e) After living on my computer for five months, I needed a much needed break from typing. For one and half weeks, my laptop was close and resting. It was a glorious and a well needed break.

f) I was lazy. Plain and simple. And in a way it feels great that I know I didn’t do something perfect and I am living to tell about it. So with that little life lesson behind me, I am really really ready to be back to blogging. Again.

So what have you been upto?!

Fill me in!!




Let me know what you think :)

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