How to Not Look Like a Fool at the Gym

First off, today marked the last day of classes for me 🙂 I have one more IEP to write and I am home free. I literally feel like I can fly I am so stress-free.

But anyways, while at the gym today daydreaming on the elliptical I thought of how many people look so out of place at the gym. They clearly are not there to ‘get their fitness on‘. I understand that some people simply go to the gym to say “Hey, I work out”. However, I feel that at a university, this epidemic significantly increases. Like maybe people believe that simply spending time at the gym, they will get a fitter body. Hm, doesn’t work like that but nice try. And I don’t think I deserve the gym amenities more since I am serious about getting a good sweat in, but I wish it wasn’t so obvious.

So if you are going to the gym to just, I don’t know, kill time? at least act like you are there to work out. Below are my top 3 ways to ensure that you do not like a fool when you are at them gym.

1. Skip the Full Face of Make-up

Let’s just talk about how gross this and how this makes your face a petri dish for bacteria. Now, you looked cute at the gym last night but now you have a pimple the size of Labrador and a larger population of blackheads living on your nose. And you didn’t even get swoll or a good work-out in. So fail. Second, you just may sweat more than you think during your ‘workout’. In that case, waterproof mascara is useless. Just saying.

I should probably pop my pimples before I put my make-up on for the gym today.

2.  Check for see-through leggings

There is a huge and important difference between workout bottoms and leggings. Main difference= the rest of the world can see all that your momma gave you when you wear leggings as workout tights. Always do the ‘bend-over’ check before leaving the house and a good rule of thumb is that if you spent less than $20 on them, they should not be worn to do crunches, lunges, squats, or any stretching exercise. It seems many girls go to the gym to work on getting their leg over their head; prime reason to not wear see-through leggings.

If it could happen to Paris Hilton, it could happen to you.

3. Stopping your ‘workout’ to text

First thing, multitasking is a beautiful thing and when you are hardly doing the first task, the second task should be easy. Just saying. Perhaps this is what sparked this whole post because I saw a beautiful young girl on an Elliptical and she would literally stop every time she had a text and then would go back to her perfect little workout. So i don’t know: maybe the workout was suppose to be light, maybe it was an emergency, but I am not here to judge. However, I do know every time she stopped to text, the people waiting for an Ellipitcal machine behind her were sending looks that could kill. Just saying. If you are going to use the machines, then USE the machines. Just saying. I text all the time at the gym, but I can also move my legs and fingers at the same time. This skill needs to be considered if you have urgent matters to discuss and plan on ‘killing time at the gym’.

An elephant can write a book while working out. What can you do??

I hope this wasn’t too much of bitchy post. Just something I am sure we have all experienced at the gym… the girls (sometimes guys) who are clearly…well, taking up space at the gym.

Do you agree?

What would you add to my list of how to not look like a fool at the gym?

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2 thoughts on “How to Not Look Like a Fool at the Gym

  1. Yetti says:

    LOL Oh my goodness. I did a post like this a little while ago and I totally agree! There is this fool I see time to time on the stairmaster with her backside exposed due to sheer leggings… o_O. Nobody wants to see that… YOU shouldn’t want to show that!! Loved this post lol!

  2. Robert says:

    Who are we to judge others. Regardless of what they wear or do at the gym should be of no concern to you or me. And regardless as to why they go to the gym or what they wear. at least they’re not at home sitting on their asses and lamenting about life. It’s these types of comments that people read that discourages them from going to the gym in the first place. Even if “nobody wants to see that…” we shouldn’t care. It’s bad enough to actually get people to work at staying fit. You and I shit and piss like everyone else and we’re no better or worse than anyone else. It’s time to grow up a little and start challenging your self-defeating values, attitudes, and beliefs.

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