I am not quite sure f I have ever mentioned before what is my dream for the future and my ED on here.

You see, as soon as I was diagnosed with Ed, I knew it was for a reason. I like to believe it was to help others. Thinking of how there is much unknown about Ed and also the rise of Ed in our society, I will always be an Ed awareness advocate. I opened up to all my friends and family about Ed for the simple fact that I would never want anyone to go through it. I never sugar-coat it and I am willing to people completely open and honest about it just so people realize the severity of Ed. I thought for awhile that just telling my story would be my contribution to the world, but I know now I want more.I want to see a difference in the amount of girls with eating disorders. I want girls to find happiness with their bodies when they are young and not grow up trying to change themselves. I want change.

Working in the school system this semester provided me with the perfect opportunity to try to impose healthy body images on young girls. And I LOVE that idea. It hurt me when girls talked about dieting in young grades or even called themselves fat. I was quick to correct them and try me best to teach them the ‘right’ way. I hope in the future I can do more things like that because with eating disorders starting so young, intervention needs to start earlier, (Intervention= you can tell I am a Special Educator). But it still doesn’t feel like enough.

It seems like something needs to be done with the older girls as well. To be honest, my groups of friends have changes since recovering for the simply fact that some girls are triggers. I now surround myself with girls who not only are healthy with food but healthy with their body image. As much I want to help people I still deal with Ed on a daily basis and I have to protect myself from these sort of triggers. When I am around people who are negative about their body, Ed is right there agreeing and before I know it the behaviors creep back in.

Now I know Ed makes me very sensitive to such comments, but when I separate Ed from the comments and conversations I hear girls my age participate in, I am astonished. For example, I am no longer friends with a group of girls because they worked together to systematically put themselves done. Example: ‘Oh I am so fat today for eating that candy bar. I need to not eat till tomorrow’. Friend says ‘Yeah, me too. I probably shouldn’t eat till Friday!’ So I understand this is suppose to be a joke but it seriously urks me when friends don’t help friends fight those negative thoughts. You do not agree with your friend when she calls herself fat! Your remind her how beautiful she is! That is what a friend is for!

The reason I bring this up now is that this weekend I had a major trigger and then proceeded to realize how truly conducive society is to eating disorders when girls talk like this. I overheard a girl bragging about using some sort of diet pill that made her lose 3 pounds in a week. Pretty scary stuff, right? My Ed went crazy and I soon after left the party to cry to my boyfriend that girls are crazy. But then I breathed and realized how truly crazy it was that someone would brag about that to friends. Perhaps she doesn’t realize how dangerous that is but no true friend would want their friend to lose 3 pound in one week from a crazy diet pill. I found this scary that she was proud of such a dangerous feet.

Shouldn’t girls be protecting each other from such negativity?

What  if girls became fighters of negative self-talk instead of being producers of it. There is no reason why any girl should allow another girl to put herself down. This is our job as woman and as girlfriends to protect ourselves from those parasites. Perhaps they may never develop an eating disorder but regardless they are calling for help by saying out loud these negative thoughts. They may be looking for attention but they are saying ‘someone is bullying me and I need someone to put it down’. And if you were a good friend, would you allow someone to bully your friend? Would you allow someone to tear your friend down? No, so we need to stop it.

I always believed that you should become the change you want to see. And I need to learn to speak up and correct my friends when they use such negative talk. It’s not healthy for me and it’s not healthy for them. I want to be a good friend and I want to protect them. So I will. But I truly can’t help but to wonder what would happen if we all learned to do this? Would the Ed population decrease? Would woman feel like they are worth more? Would men be able to gain control over woman who feel insignificant or subpar? Would our little girls simply not even have negative self-talk?

So what do you guys think?

Is this something you think would protect our girls from Ed’s? And are you willing to participate?



3 thoughts on “Change

  1. I try my darnedest to accept compliments and not put myself down- those sweet third graders deserve to learn how to love themselves.
    Great post- one of the BIGGEST tipping points for me was realizing that I could be hurting other little girls by hurting/hating myself. I was not okay with that. I wanted them to love themselves. They are so wonderful!

  2. Glad you like Panera coffee as much as me! I love this post – and totally agree how sad it is that disordered eating has taken over so many girls lives. I overheard girls at lunch the other day saying how she at 5 egg whites for breakfast before her 3 hour workout and she was eating a salad with no dressing that hardly sufficed as a meal. Breaks my heart but you are so awesome for using your past as a way to help make a difference and impact girls going through the same thing. Keep it up lady! 🙂

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