Home = Love

After a week of stressing over school,  trying not to burst with eating, and trying to fit in running I was about ready to crack.

I think I handle stress okay but in honestly, I really do not.

Let’s take a look back in my past:

I would either get extremely sick

I would stop eating

I would not sleep

or I would run too much.

This year though my way of dealing with stress was the most embarrassing and shameful.

I turned to binging again.

And I am disgusted with the result.

So now that I am home in the comfort of my family, I am hoping to tackle my odd and erratic eating patterns.

But on a brighter note 🙂 Home really is where the heart is.

I came home early to surprise my brother for his birthday. To be honest, I love love love suprising people when I come home because… well, it makes me feel special 🙂 I get a bigger greeting than when everyone knows I am arriving! I meet them at a restaurant and my brother literally just starred at me for a couple of minutes. It was perfect haha

I missed my homecoming football game for this but really I was at the point where I needed my mommy, I needed to be away from school, and I needed my bed. I was kind of happy I missed it when FSU lost. That must have been a sad walk home for all my friends! I still love my ‘Noles though!

I came home to a huge stash of goodies! My mom is the b.o.m.b and collects things for me while I am away at school. This time the theme was teaching supplies and protein bars. I now have enough protein bars to fuel a kenyan track team.


Which is good considering I would love to run away all the extra weight I have gained from school in the beautiful landscape that is Tampa

And i got to see my handsome little nephew. I swear he looks like a five year old now and is huge! I used him to work out my arms last night.

Well hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I’m off to help prepare some for thanksgiving (I know, four days early) before doing some shopping!


p.s. I am apart of the holiday bootie buster challange 2011

I am super excited to! It’s just a great idea!


5 thoughts on “Home = Love

  1. Aw, moms are the best! 🙂 She is the bomb! ….I bet your brother was super excited to see you! Have a great week now that you are rejuvenated from home!

  2. I agree, its so great to be home with family! 🙂 What an awesome stash of goodies! I hope you have a nice week!

  3. Hey girl, I hear you on every account- family is so great especially after being at school for soso long and being stressed. Bingeing- I’m sorta falling back into it as a result of the stress and all, don’t get down on yourself, you’ve recognized the fact and that’s the first step! Ain’t no thang, keep smiling and take it a day at a time. 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    Awww…your mom is the BOMB.com! I love picking up a bunch of little things for my daughter like that and surprise her. I think it’s more that I was thinking about her so much that makes her happy then the actual items. It sounds like you have an awesome family.

  5. aw so glad you got to go home! We didn’t get to fly back from Miami this year so I missed that time…but I won’t like florida is pretty great when the midwest is cold!

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