Tallahassee Love

Now, I should probably preface this post by stating that I no am longer as in love with Tallahassee as I once was. Four years will do that to you. Tallahassee is more than anything a college town and college only lasts four years. So, I should be leaving after my fourth year. However, getting your Masters takes a bit longer and Tallahassee has lost its appeal. I will be here at least an extra half of year. No doubt about that. After staring at pictures of palm trees, my dogs at home, and other Tampa loves, I have decided to suck it up and just find the beauties in Tallahassee. Not that the ghetto-to-nice areas is no longer in my favor. Not that it’s hard to find a pretty place to run. Not that I spend a majority of my time inside (wahoo, go college). Not all of that.

The best of Tallahasse (this week):

Bast in the glory that is MoMo’s pizza.

Pizza the size of your head?

Yes, Please.

Being so close to the Georgia state line that you can drive there on a Thursday night to buy 40’s.

Obviously, playing Edward FourtyHands is hard if you live in a state that outlawed 40’s, but not hard when you live 36 Miles from the next state that has not outlawed the containers!

Florida State University

It doesn’t hurt to go to the best and most beautiful colleges in the WORLD!

And, I suppose there are a few other things I like about this city 😉

So maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so bad…


What do you love about the city you live in??


3 thoughts on “Tallahassee Love

  1. I like that I can walk briskly across town in 5 minutes. For real. Ooooo, small town joy.

  2. These are fantastic pictures! I can see why you love it 🙂
    I love my town because it is right on the ocean, a view I never will tire of

  3. I almost ended up going to FSU for my last year of college, but finishing school at home was a much better idea. Such a beautiful campus though! A friend I met online went there and is at one of their games right now! haha

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