Yes, eight. That’s how many miles I ran yesterday

Not only did I run it at a great pace (9:04 pace) but I felt amazing afterwards.

Okay, I may or may not have been unable to keep my refuel smoothie down but who knew peaches didn’t sit right.

Anyways, my body feels great. I keep expecting to feel horrible after a run but my body continue to surprise me 🙂

I even decided to push my four miler to the end of the day thinking I would be too sore this morning and this was not needed at all. I wanna run right now and regret the decision 🙂

My running has become way more than just a stress reliever, it’s like a counselor for my relationship with my body.

It’s hard not to appreciate my body when it can do things like this. It’s hard to be hateful when I love what it can do. It’s hard to fully accept that I may be stronger and better than I ever gave myself credit. Running forces me to like my body. Running forces me to treat it right. Running is the stronghold in a storm of disordered thoughts that keep begging me to relapse. Running keeps me recovered.

On a different note, yours truly, handed in a project that I may have spent 6 hours on. It was intense and huge and big deal.

Yours truly, did great except for one little thing.

Oops 😉

Has a typo ever made you hand in something inappropriate?


6 thoughts on “Eight

  1. Congratulations on the 8 miles! That is an amazing accomplishment and even better that you felt so fantastic afterward 🙂
    Whoops on the spelling mistake haha

  2. Way to go on running! You are rocking it! 🙂 Ooooooo that spelling mistake! HAHA!

  3. AWESOME! Congrats on running eight miles, thats so great! 🙂 I just started running and would love to run that many miles someday 😀 We’ll see if that ever happens! 😛

    Haha! I’ve totally made spelling mistakes like that too!

    Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It made me smile! 🙂 I am loving your blog so far and will be checking it for new posts every day 🙂

    • Aww thinks so much for checking out my blog! I have been regular stalking checking yours! I am positive you will one day be at eight miles if you put your mind to it 🙂 the body does amazing things when you treat it right!

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