We all have wishes.

Some are quite ridiculous, others not so much. I have always wished for a pony. I got Remy instead. He is like a pony, big and gentle but still not a pony. So I continue to wish for a pony, even though if I had one I am not quite sure what to do with it.

But  really I just wish for another puppy. I use the pony as a drastic beginning wish and then the puppy doesn’t seem so crazy. Nicely done, right? But a puppy is just the beginning. Below are the five top things I wish for.

1. Golden retriever Puppy

Duh, can’t start the list without a puppy.

I promise to love and cuddle it. I will only feed it some of my healthy food. I’ll take it on runs and we will do yoga together. I will let it sleep in bed with me. I won’t let it get smelly. I will pick up its poop. I will feed it. I will brush it. Please Please Please

2. Foodie Abilities

I wish I could make pretty meals, especially oatmeal.

Fact of the matter is, my food is never pretty and it never photographs well. I am quite messy and my food usually looks… like glob when I photograph it. If someone could please direct me on the proper way to make oatmeal and photograph it, I will gladly become a foodie and post many picture of my meals. For now, my microwaved oatmeal does not cut it.

3. Perfect Nail Polish (All the time)

I wish nail color didn’t chip.

Look at that. Beautiful, pristine, wonderful. It will last 2 days tops. And then I begin to look like an Elementary School girl with chipped and bitten nails.

4. No Pain from Training

I wish running injuries didn’t exist.

Now I know no pain no gain. But honestly pain in my foot? Right now I am nursing a sore foot from inflamed tendons. It hurts to walk, it hurts to flex, and it hurts to bend. It would also be extremely painful to run the 8 miles I wanted to this weekend. My Ed is not okay with my laying in bed. Mrs perfectionist is not okay with not following my training plan. And me, Ms Alaina, I am just laying here, wishing my foot would be a 4 on the pain scale so I can push it and run.

5. Cheap Halloween Costumes

I wish Halloween costumes were free.

I love Halloween, love dressing up but hate the thought of spending money on a piece of fabric (sometimes its not even a full yard of cloth) for one night. So I try to reuse and borrow costumes. (I have also made many costumes from scraps of old clothes and creativity but that’s a different post.) I have worn the same costume to three different Halloween parties in the last three years, its borrowed but I know it cost my roommate close to $60 dollars and we plan on using it as much as possible. And how many times is it socially acceptable to be a slutty Indian? Not many. Not enough to warrant spending $60 dollars.  It has seen me at every weight and there was strong feeling I was bursting out of it last night. (Please note: the costume was too big for me and always has been but I am somehow under the impression that my stomach protrudes 3 feet from my body). But hey, at least I saved money!

Those are my five wishes, for right now.

But even if they don’t come true, my life is perfect.

Well except for the puppy thing. My life needs a puppy.

What are your wishes?


2 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. Ashley says:

    My parents just got a puppy!! At first it was cute, now it just chews EVERYTHING!! (my poor shoes) I so wish my nail polish ever looked right. Most of the time it looks like a 5 year old did it. (especially my right hand). Most of my wishes right now are fitness and food related, run faster, eat better, have better endurance.

    • aww dont worry he will grow out of it! advice: when my puppy use to chew stuff we started putting this bitter apple spray stuff on things and he never chewed again! you can get it at a pet store (warning: one dog once actually like the taste of it and chewed more, weird dog but i guess it could happen!) hahah so glad we both have five year old hands!

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