Kids Say the Darndest Things, II

Students 1: Ms Johnson! He is making fun of me and I am gonna punch him in the face if he don’t stop!

Ms Johnson: Wait, wait, wait! Lets calm down. What did he say?

Student 1: He called me a little white girl.

Ms Johnson: Hey! Excuse me?   (points to self) Whats wrong with that?

Student 1: Little white girls are spoiled and bratty!

Ms Johnson: Well I’m a ‘little white girl’ and I’m not spoiled and bratty!!!

Student 2: Ms Johnson, don’t be a fool. Who pays your  tuition?

Ms Johnson: ehmm, my daddy…..

Student 1 & 2: Point. proven.


Told by a 4th grader


3 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things, II

  1. Ashley says:

    hahaha thats hilarious!!! What a smart kid too 🙂

  2. Kiah says:

    Love. This. Kids are too darn smart.

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