The Run that Almost Wasn’t

The last thing I wanted to do today was run.

I would have rather built a meticulous castle out of paperclips than run.

And I am no architect.

I would have rather done my lessons plans.

And I hate lesson plan writing.

I would have rather read all my new magazines that are waiting on my desk for a spare moment to read.

And I love my mags.

But my training plan said to get in 4.0- 4.5 miles today.

I thought of ways to put it off (too  tired, too sore, too stressed, just plain too lazy).

I even considered canceling it altogether.

Instead I kept thinking “I never regret a workout”

Then when I saw how beautiful the weather was, I knew the pavement was calling my name.

I knew even if the run took me a full hour, it was an hour well spent.

And I completely expected this to be a long and painful run that I most likely could only complete the bare minumun of four miles.

But, you never regret a workout!

So, I laced up my sneakers and got going.

And it was an amazing run! One of my best yet!

4.6 Miles in 41 minutes (and seventeen seconds, if you must know)

That means I was under a 9 minute mile pace for the whole run.

Beast. And I took a pretty hilly route.

Sadly the only way you can tell is if you were but buttchecks right now.

I had negative split for the first three miles and I felt super fast and strong.

It seems my legs are finally doing what I want them too!

I got back and had that runners high!

The one I always forget about but always enjoy after all my runs.

So now that I am sufficiently foam rolled….

I will tackle the rest of my day with the same intensity as my kick@$$ run!

Because you never know how things will turn out




Do you have runs that you don’t expect to be so great?

Are those your best ones?





One thought on “The Run that Almost Wasn’t

  1. You are totally right- You never regret a workout!!! 🙂 WAY TO GO!!!!

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