Other Half Love

So right now I am anxiously waiting for my best friend other half to come visit me in Tallahassee. 🙂 🙂

Who’s excited? This girl 🙂

You see, she goes to UF. and somehow we are still friends. But after four years of living apart, we have never actually visited each other at our respected schools.

Its not because of the rivalry, I promise. I would love to visit UF but really when we decide we can take a weekend away from college, our first instinct is to go home.

So home is my where my heart is, with my family, high school friends and my opportunity to see Natalie.

Natalie isn’t just any best friend.

She was that girl who made my high school experience amazing.

She was the girl that still talked to me even though I had a thick New York accent.

She laughed at my jokes and always understood my humor.

– She always “had my back”.

– She stuck by my side through some unfortunate boy choices as well as some poor timing with boys.

– She didn’t hate me forever when I conspired with her family to get her away from a boy.

– She always inspired me to be better.

– She didn’t hate me when she found I could have gone to college with her but was unwilling to take summer classes before my freshman year and went to her enemy school instead.

– She was the one constant, our group of friend continually changed but it was always me and Natalie attached at the hip.– She allowed me into her family and somehow fit perfectly into mine.

– She didn’t get freaked out when my dad confused us.

– She took an Eating disorder class in college and always was willing to help, even when we both didn’t know what that meant

– She shared all our firsts together.First time talking with boys, first time dating,  First time partying, First time drinking, first time doing something we regretted drinking, first time getting sick, you get the point!

-She always deleted bad picture and never uploaded pics that were not approved.

– She is irreplaceable, I am fortunate enough to have plenty of girlfriends, many of which are what I would consider best friends, but Natalie has a spot of her own;  She is my other half.

– She didn’t mind that people thought we looked alike, and actually just considered us the same person.

And to be honest, I did not mind one bit in the world.

Because for as long as I can remember, if I could have been anyone it would be Natalie.

Witty, beautiful, amazing Natalie.

And lets be real, having best friends like her, made me who I am and continues to make me better.

So now, I should probably make myself presentable before she stumbles through Tallahassee for a dinner stop on her way from LSU to UF.

And because I love her, we won’t discuss football games this weekend.


Do you have  best girlfriends like this?

Are a “girl” person?


9 thoughts on “Other Half Love

  1. Isn’t it crazy how something as simple as deleting bad pictures and not tagging bad ones is true friendship! I totally get this! Friends like this are hard to come by and a rare gem! ….I have one from high school and one from college. I am blessed by both of them!
    HAVE FUN!!!!

  2. Ashley says:

    This is so sweet!! I have one person in my life like that as well and I couldnt imagine my life without her. Thats awesome she really tried to understand eating disorders and I love she deletes the bad pictures!! I hope you have so much fun!!

  3. Aww this is so adorable… you guys look like you have tons of fun together 🙂 Friends like this are definitely hard to come by, that is amazing she understood all of your struggles

  4. Rachel says:

    this post made me tear up. i have a best friend like this and i don’t know what i’d do without her. she’s the one who lent me her car so i could get to all my appointments last fall. she emailed my mom when she knew i was struggled with ED and in a really severe relapse. she let me come sit with her to eat even if she had tests the next day. she lent me a bed in her room whenever i fought with my roomie. she gave me clothes, sent me packages when i was in the hospital, tried to call all the time. now i’m 1100 miles away from her and it’s so hard- but i know that if i’m struggling she’s there, she’ll always be honest with me, she’ll always welcome me to come visit. she also had an eating disorder when she was in high school so she ALWAYS says to me “i recovered, you can and you will” and it means the world to me. i’d be so lost without her. it’s hard to find that best friend, but you know they’ll always be there for life. so happy you have her- and that you had a great weekend! you deserve it!

    • I have another best friend, actually she is also Natalies Best friend, who also suffered an eating disorder at the same time as me. Our relationship is really special and I don’t think a friend could have been more supportive than her. I am positive that for you, she was a vital part of your support team and there is really no words for that. It also brought tears to me eyes to read what she did for you when you were sick. it takes a special soul to stay friends with someone suffering the way we did. you deserve a friend like this and hope you get to spend time with her ASAP. btw it makes me smile so big to see a comment from you 🙂 i love getting to talk to you and get to realize how much alike we are

  5. bbalcar says:

    Awww yay! I love best friends! She seems like such a great person! Good friends are rare these days, you’re so blessed to have her in your life!

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