Picture-filled Post

Wanted to do a quick update since I haven’t posted in awhile and my last was rather.. eh, depressing.

BTW, thank you all for your support! I do feel a lot better the last couple of days but I know Ed is waiting right around the corner so I am still seeking help to get me through those lows in recovery!

Sooo that’s why today I will be heading here

The Thagard Health Center at FSU to meet with my old nutritionist. I have already came thisclose to canceling the appointment twice today. Why? Well, mainly the scale. As part of my recovery I do not go on scales at the doctors office and usually it is not a problem but I always get nervous about it. (I think half the woman in the America wish they could request to not go on the scale, I suppose its a “perk” of the disorder šŸ™‚ ) Also, I feel fine the last couple of days. But I know that with Ed around, this does not last and I am getting the advice from her to ward off any upcoming relapses or lows. Wish me luck!

I got a very large and weirdly shaped package in the mail last week and forgot to share that I got a new foam roller!

Yes, I love it.

Yes, I should have read the description better on Amazon.

Yes, it was used as a weapon against my brothers this weekend during a fight.

Speaking of weekend, I did head home to Tampa last weekend. Sometimes you just need a hug from Mom to make things better, which of course, I got. Along with some other goodies. Every time I go home, a trip to the supermarket and to the mall/target ensue and my poor father is stuck with the damage. Ooops. Besides shopping, other shenaningans occured.

Like spending time with baby Brandon, who is looking more like a young boy each time I visit home

And of course picking out new hats for the winter šŸ™‚

We also talked my mom into buying us a mini donut maker!

My mom and I had huge plans for this thing! We spent more money buying the ingerdiants than on the actual maker! However, it was horrible. Do not buy thing thing unless you want a headache and weird shaped baked cakes. I repeat, do not buy. Don’t get me wrong, they tasted great! However, it was horrible trying to figure out when they were done and getting them out of the maker. We all enjoyed eating them but the donut maker will not be staying in the Johnson household. Only a couple were presentable looking

We used a butterscotch recipe with caramel glaze (which did not last long enough to be photographed) and mocha donuts with a chocolate glaze (seen above). Both recipes will be used again when we buy donut PANS to make neat, east, and delicious donuts.

Now I am off to get ready for my day. School has been a nice big ole stress fest and I am getting behind in readings. Its just that the Sing-Off is so much better than reading about phonics instruction.

Am I alone in thinking this? I doubt it.

Have a great day! Will update soon enough with comments from the nutritionist!


2 thoughts on “Picture-filled Post

  1. A mothers hug is one of life’s best gifts! …Time with baby Brandon had to be awesome, he is a cutie!

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