Oh, Sinuses

Lets Be Real: Being sick is just an excuse to be a big baby


And that’s exactly what I did when I came home from class on Tuesday night feeling horrible. I immediately requested Panera with the BF and spent the rest of the night slipping in and out of sleep unable to breathe fully, and moaning out of agony.

It was some serious sinus infection/issue that came about after an allergy attack. and it was UNCALLED for.

Both of these were brought to class and I somehow survived Special Education Technology even thought I may have sufficiently complained and spent more time sneezing and coughing than participating in class.

I woke up today and said ” I am not sick“.

Whether this is true or not, I am not at liberty to say, but I am living in this denial mentality.

I have to say this denial mentaliity worked really well for me.

The day went great, even through 5 hours of classes and a not too stellar run.

The down side?

Spilling ketchup on my pants before heading to class this afternoon

Luckily I had another pair of white shorts to sub in!

Do you do this? Act like you are feeling fine to speed up the recovery process? Am I being crazy?


8 thoughts on “Oh, Sinuses

  1. Sometimes acting fine is the perfect medicine but other times acting fine just digs you into a deeper hole, completely depends on the sickness’s mood that day. I try to tough it out but sometimes being a baby and hitting the hay is what helps! Take care and bummer about the catsup!

  2. I really like the design on your blog… so pretty! You changed it recently right? Sometimes I try and act like I am okay even if I feel gross, but other times if almost feels better to embrace how I feel

    • Thanks! I thought the old one was pretty boring and generic! this matches my personality a bit better =) you are so right about embracing how you feel. nothing feels better than being like “i feel like poop, please take care of me”.

  3. I completely freaked when I got those “getting sick” symptoms this week. I try to stay positive but it more like a “oh hell no!!” mentality. I am glad to be feeling better today though so maybe my badass attitude kinda worked! 🙂

  4. Oh I am just the same! I hate feeling run down/sick and spend the 1st few days living my life as normal and hoping I magically return to normal!

  5. Sweetly FIt says:

    haha I like the way you handled being sick…maybe I should try that! Definitely not crazy. 😉

    Have a good weekend!

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