Seminole Forever

Lets be real: this was probably the biggest football game I will ever experience

I am no football expert, nor am I really a huge football fanatic  but even I was quite aware of what amazingness that was going on. I knew that the FSU vs OU game was going to be big, but I was not prepared. Not prepared at all.

Apparently when the number 5 school (FSU) plays the number 1 school (OU), everyone and their mother comes to Tallahassee to see.

Examples of the craziness

– There was not one piece of garnet or gold clothing in any of the stores at the local mall

– It then took my 45 minutes to get home from the mall. it usually take maybe 18.

– The wait for a cab on Friday night was at least an hour. (I found my way to Domino’s to wait it out in a freaking tutu [thats a story for another day])

So game day came.

College game day hit FSU in a big way. Boyfriend and friends had their six hours of fame while I ran my long run. um, hello 5.5 Miles. beast status. hoping crossing the finishing line at the half will be more fulfilling then being on ESPN like everyone else.

Luckily after running my little heart out I was able to participate in tailgating festivities.

And even though after drinking tailgating for six hours, I felt like this

I still put on a happy face and my best FSU chop

and cheered louder than ever.

Sadly my cheers went unanswered and FSU put up a good fight but could not win the game. Still love the ‘Noles though and one football game (okay, one HUGE) football game wont change that!


Update on Operation: Eat Normal

This is incredibly more difficult than I could describe. It seems that on a daily basis I am struggling to control my eating and try to be normal. I am not grasping it.

Part of my dilemma is the conflicting information out there. As an avid reader and researcher, I have read every article there is about how to properly fuel for training and I am more confused than ever.

Do I count calories, fat grams, protein grams or not at all?

Do I journal everything I eat?

Do I drink my protein shake as a lunch or as a snack?

Do I keep starchy carbs around as they are a trigger food or do I keep them out of my house?

Do I try to diet or is this setting me up for binges?

The other part is that  there is Ed using all of this to put me down. To tell me I am no where strong enough to do this. Its hard not to believe him whenever every night I either feel completely ashamed by what I ate or completely unsure if it is nutritionally enough. I feel defeated when it comes to this and wonder if I truly recovered “correctly”. I don’t feel like I have a normal relationship with food and I worry that I will carry this on. I worry about truly gaining more and more weight and not being able to stop but just continuing to feel horrible in my own body.

So my question is:

How do you truly recover and eat, deal with, enjoy food normally?

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4 thoughts on “Seminole Forever

  1. I watched that game! It was a good one, I bet the tailgating made it SUPER fun- even though the ending was not what you wanted….
    To your question, I still am waiting for that answer for myself. I don’t think there is a ‘correct’ way to kick ed in the bum. Your way is the right way! (that is what I’m coming up with for me!)

  2. Rachel says:

    i struggle with the same “what is normal eating” question. the girls i live with say i eat so healthy, but i at times feel like i eat junk most of the time. i think normal eating is really eating what makes you feel optimal, and that includes all kinds of foods in moderation and variety. writing down and counting i feel like is a huge impediment to recovery because you’re obsessing about the food still to a degree. for me, i can really only thrive when i’m making sure to be getting in the right amount of servings of the food. i wish i understood “normal eating” as well- but i think there isn’t really a single definition of it out there, it’s a person by person kind of a thing

    • you are so right. I know i need to ditch the journaling and calorie counting each and everyday but that is really hard. I dont trust my body and it clearly still doesnt trust me so I don’t know if I am able to be normal with eating. thats a really depressing thought but I hope that with time it gets better! thanks for the support and advice girl. its means so much to me!

  3. bbalcar says:

    Yay college football! It’s defiantly the best part of the fall semester. To answer your question, you should listen to your body. Your training, if you are hungry eat! 🙂 Sometimes I struggle with trusting my body especially when all it wants to eat are starchy carbs. However, I have found that listening to what my body wants the day before a long run, always sets me up for an epic workout. You can do it, believe in yourself! 🙂

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