Study Mode Steps

Lets be real: I should really be doing homework right now.


Third week of classes and I am beginning to really feel weight of it all. I currently have a to-do list that is entirely too long but I decided to put it on hold for some “blog” time.

I figured I have gotten this far in my educational career that perhaps I know what I am doing (eh, probably not but lets give me the benefit of the doubt- I do have a 4.0 GPA).  I tend to have a certain environment I need to be in so that I can properly do my homework/study. Call me anal, call me weird, but I must complete the following steps to fully be able to really submerge myself in my education. The following are the steps it takes to get to the point where I can study:

1. Need to get workout done with.

a) Running generally relieves my stress and anxiety and just gives me a clearer head to think with

b) If I don’t, I will be consumed with thoughts of when I should, why haven’t I, and what it will be like. Basically its a huge distraction and form of procrastination if not done immediately. Hence early morning runs 🙂

2. Must have completely clean room.


I am unable to even begin to concentrate if I am surrounded by any sort of mess.

If I am really unwilling to do proposed HW or studying this might get down into organizing desk drawers, color-coding my closet, or even cleaning out the tupperware cabinet in kitchen. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3. Sufficiently stalk Facebook

We all do this and we all know work does not begin until you have looked at all new pictures, stalked some long-lost friends, and liked a few pages you don’t really like that much.

4. Drank coffee in preparation for an all-nighter

I do drink my coffee black with one sweet-n-low.
Probably why I make this ridiculous face when I drink it.

By the way, I have never actually had to pull an all-nighter because of school work. I have pulled all-nighters though because I drank too much black coffee in preparation for the all-nighters that never really actually occurred. Does that make sense?

5. Stress the F Out.

To say I become dramatic is to say the least. I generally think that I will fail an assignment, thus a class, and thus lose my scholarships and get kicked out my program. It’s really a scene to see.

Then I put my big girl panties on… take a breath… and just get to it.


Complete steps 1-5 Again.

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3 thoughts on “Study Mode Steps

  1. Rachel says:

    haha i love this! you can do it girl!!

  2. Um…LOVE THIS! And this exactly describes me to a T also. Definitely had a majorrrr stress out fest this morning… and now have on the big girl panties and am doing work! 🙂

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    Haha I can completely relate to this! (Especially due to the fact that I SHOULD be studying right now..)

    The clean room is the worst– Last night I went on a cleaning rampage because Popcorn has his stuff EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t even clear my mind. It’s crazy how much of an impact it has!

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