Starting September Right

Let’s be real: I have this weird mentality that if the first day of the month starts off bad, the rest of the month is doomed.

Thank goodness, September 1 started out perfectly.

The first week of classes went very well. Well, as well one could imagine when taking 17 credit hours, 7 of which are graduate level classes. However, the stress, anxiety, and high heart rate have yet to hit. I am lucky to have classes later in the day which leaves plenty of time for homework, tanning, practicum, Facebook stalking, studying, tutoring, and running.

September 1 I didn’t have class till 4:00 so I started the day off leisurely.

The most delicious breakfast. 3 egg whites, fresh tomatoes, cheese, spicy (this is necessary) ketchup. Oh and a bagel thin also being adorned with spicy ketchup. Yum

After my 3.67 miles run outside! The running outside is getting much better and I was super impressed with myself. It took me 38 minutes and that included many walking breaks! I was a sweaty mess by the end but I sweat just thinking about running so thats no surprise.

Refueling afterwards.

1 frozen banana

1 frozen peach or nectarine (not sure which it was, hard to tell hahah)

1 scoop of vanilla protein water

1 cup of water to get things moving.

A bright straw and a magazine to read while enjoying!

Spending a majority of the afternoon laying in the sun! Reading the time travelers wife for the 8th time. Love the book!

Then it was time for class so showering, eating, and getting ready for class ensued before sitting in traffic on campus for entirely too long.

The day ended with a “wine and cheese night” at some of my best friends house

It was a long day but a great day and I wouldn’t want to spend the first day of September anywhere.


Something interesting I have been thinking a lot about: TOXIC TALK. This is what my therapist deemed all those conversations that begin with “I am so fat”, “I need to workout to get a bf”, “This cake is so bad for me” and keep on going. I find the whole concept of TOXIC TALK really bewildering because there is NO reason for it. Is it because girls have low self-esteem or because they are fishing for compliments? Do they truly believe what they are saying deep in side or feel the need to say it for social reasons?

Whatever the reason, it really …erks me, to meet girls who not only participate in TOXIC talk but don’t stop their friends from doing. I am lucky enough that most the girls I am friends with do not allow each other to put themselves down. When I meet girls who do, it seems the TOXIC talk amplifies.

For someone recovering for an eating disorder, TOXIC talk speaks directly and solely to my ED. No matter how hard I try, when I hear others put themselves down using food, weight or body image, ED immediately speaks up in my head to remind me that my weight and body is (according to him) unacceptable and I must control this things to stop TOXIC talk. ED thrives on these situations.

But even if I didn’t have ED, in my head trying to ruin my life again with petty little comments, TOXIC talk is simply ridiculous. Why would people subject themselves to such rude comments and why would friends allow this to happen? I wouldn’t allow anyone to call any of my friends fat and in the same exact vain, I would not allow that same person to call them self fat. It makes it seem okay for other to judge one of their body and weight because they already do. No one deserves to be put down because of their body by a stranger, a friend, and especially themselves.

Do you agree? Important, what do you do when you are in a group of girls that all participate in TOXIC talk? How can you stop it without seeming like a preacher?

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