Hitting the Pavement

Lets be real: Deciding to run for the first time outside in a loooooong time, at 11:30 in the afternoon was not my brightest choice.

I figured it was now or never to get the dreaded first outside run done with. See, I could do a marathon no problem on a treadmill. I’m one of those people who has yet to find the beauty in the outdoor training because bugs usually always fly in my mouth. So 13.1 miles on the treadmill? No big deal, I’d plug away while completely zoning out. However, treadmill marathons = few and/ non-existent. So outside for running is going to have to become my new best friend.

I went in with a good attitude. I knew I was gonna bang out 6 miles in 55 minutes like I can do on the treadmill. But I was optimistic

Happy as a clam.

(Please excuse the massive amounts of handbags and clothes. I’m the baby and only girl in my family.)

Me running!

(Haha jk, that’d be creepy if someone was really following me as I ran. This was actually just me trying to get to my spot before the 10 second self-timer went off!)

After a mere 2.15 run.

Realizing training is going to be a lot harder than just setting my speed on the treadmill and zoning out. I have no clue how to pace! And I have little confidence outside and endurance. It’s like starting from running scratch!!!!

A plea was made on Facebook:

Perhaps a Garmin will help? Any advice on how to move from the treadmill to pavement without losing my love for running and motivation?

Tomorrow I am taking my run to campus in the early morning. I hope this will work out better for me! Fingers crossed.

Last note of interest: Is the following picture abnormal?

Yes, I am 21.

I have lived out of my house for over 3 years now.

I am in college getting a Masters degree.

My boyfriend may sleepover at times (depending on who reads this, Sorry Mom and Jane! he def never does)and have to remove the Eeyores from my bed to get in.

They were brought from home with me. They are not new additions but rather planned transfers from my childhood.

Do adults have stuffed animals?


One thought on “Hitting the Pavement

  1. I still need a Garmin too!! For now, I use an app on my phone and it calculates distance and pace, but carrying your phone while you run sucks!! If I wear the right pants, then I can put it in a pocket, but with shorts, I gotta carry it! I found the transition for running outside wasn’t that bad…as long as I had my route mapped out (which you can do at gmaps or try googling)! Hope that helps!

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