Reality is Around the Corner

Let’s be Real: Heading back to school is always bittersweet

Senior Year. Um, but I still feel like I’m 14! Seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for my senior year of high school!! I could be all  profound and say wow, just one more year of college but really that’s a straight up lie to seem cooler. I have a year of graduate school after that so really this year is just the last time I’ll be an undergraduate. Not quite as cool as knowing I’ll be graduating from college within 8 months but I guess a masters is worth it.

Luckily I love Tallahassee, love FSU, love my roommates and classmates and I get to bring one of the best things from Wesley Chapel up to FSU with me: MIKE!

The last week at home was spent soaking up my favorites:

Yummy Meals with the Family. Here you are looking at a delicious grilled chicken salad. This was round one!




Having the time to work out whenever I want 🙂

btw this is a new workout outfit purchased by the BF. it’s says “doubt me” on the back


The cuddliest dogs ever.

I think it should be mandatory to bring a dog to college. This would help relieve all stress classes give me




reading for pleasure. oh, and tanning!





well, off to Tallahassee I go! First, lunch with Mommy at Moes (<3 hello, lover) and finish packing up my room and raiding the pantry 🙂


The loot so far!—>

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