Long Live Summer

Lets be real: Summer is NEVER long enough.

I know I live in Florida so summer is technically always around but there’s nothing quite as care free as summer days. This weekend was probably the last weekend my heart will beat at a normal pace and  I will be bored at any time.

Let me explain college to you. Actually, more specifically, let me explain MY college experience to you.

I am in this amazing program with about 30 other girls that lets me get my Masters degree in Special Education in only 5 years of college. Wahoo!

I love the program. I love the girls. I love the teachers (well, mostly). But most of all, I love the experience. In addition to taking 17 credit hours a semester (some of which are graduate classes this semester kill me now) we also spend a majority of our days in the classroom tutoring, assisting, being the teachers bitch, and teaching. So even though my summer is coming to an end, gotta say there are worst things to happen.

This previous weekend was pretty nice. Had a great evening with my family and my boyfriends family. Luckily, I love Mike’s family very much and they get along great with my family. After they left, me, Mike, and his brother went out for drinks and appetizers with my brothers.

I started off with frozen margerita’s but then quickly moved to having them on the rocks. I wind up having 5 (hello, two-for-one drinks) and think I would have been a bloated mess had they all been frozen. Bad enough I woke up the next day with cankles and unable to get my ring off my finger. Bloating like no ones business.Well worth it for a night out with my family.

The next day was spent relaxing and getting in a great workout.

After running 2.77 miles on a steep incline and working on my abs, I was pretty much dead but well worth it. You never regret a workout. Truth.

And yes, I have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred pretty regularly, and yes, I still face-plant during push-ups. :/

Remy, my biggest fan and supporter, always cheering me on during a workout. (He honestly really sits by the treadmill when I run. Every time I slow done he licks my sweat. Gross but kinda cute.)

I’m gonna miss that face back up in Tallahassee!

But before heading back and leaving my adorable puppies I will soak up the rest of summer as much as I can. Which means lots of days in the sun, relaxing, not stressing or having a palpitating heart, and reading for pleasure.

You can find me here for now 🙂


3 thoughts on “Long Live Summer

  1. Don’t worry, I have been attempting actual pushups for several months now and still do face-plants. No big deal 🙂 We will get better at them one day gosh darnnit!
    I am already back at school so please soak up the rest of summer for me!

  2. Katie says:

    Hey! I wanted to stop by and check out the blog, I think its great so far, all I can say is, keep it real! Just be you and your blog will be amazing, share things you love, try to make lots of connections with other bloggers by commenting on their blog, and twitter is also good to promote your blog!!

    xoxo ❤

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