St Armands Circle

Lets be real: Living in Florida means a mini-vacation is right around the corner.

St Armands Circle is this beautiful spot in Sarasota that is one of my favs! My mom and dad took me, my brother, Alex, and the bf for an afternoon of shopping and eating. We beat the afternoon heat and arrived closer to 3 o’clock planning on capitalizing on happy hour deals. And boy did we 🙂 . Two-for-one daiquiri? Um, where have you been my whole life?

Not quite sure if you can make out how this is a WALL of frozen concoctions in Slurpee-like machines. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

The drink menu was quite extensive and hysterical. We had loads of fun with the names and none of the drinks disappointed.

We walked around and shopped for many hours afterwards and even got caught in this freak rainstorm. But nothing was gonna kill our mood.


We ended our day at St Armands Circle with an Italian dinner. Funny Fact: Waiter =Thick Louisiana accent but spoke perfect Italian. Please imagine that for me.  Then try to replicate it.

But perhaps the highlight of my day was getting a huge ice cream cone to eat on the way home. it was perfection. Cookies n’ Cream ice cream in a waffle cone that had been dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

Hello, Lover

This cone wasn’t just any normal cone for any normal girl. Eating this cone felt so glorious and yet normal. After I ate it, I thought about how far I had come. I had enjoyed it, didn’t feel like the worst human being ever, and felt like  I deserved to eat it.  Had this cone been presented to me just under a year ago, heck even six months ago, I would have refused to eat it. Not because it didn’t appeal to me. Not because I was full. But because I didn’t feel I deserved it. I was jealous of anyone else who could eat ice cream but felt I was not allowed. Crazy ishh right there.

Even looking at this whole day, I am amazed at how recovery has changed my life. Last year, my day would have revolved around when I needed to eat according to my food plan. I would have become cranky and light headed with just the light activity of walking. Not to mention the stares and  comments people would have said about my thinness. While nothing huge or important happened today, this completely insignificant day was the type of days I dreamed of but never thought I could achieve.

So now that these days are more and more common, I can’t help but to feel so incredibly thankful and grateful that I am no longer sick. Even just a simple ice cream cone seems so symbolic and memorable. But with what I went through, it’s hard to not see the day as a bit brighter, laugh a bit louder, and love a lot more.

So there’s the silver lining of an eating disorder; appreciating life more. Especially those mini-vacations.


One thought on “St Armands Circle

  1. TheDude says:

    looks ike you had a great day in sarasota! i’m so happy to see how happy YOU are!
    and btw who’s your boyfriend? he looks like an awesome guy!

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