Day with the Famiglia.

Lets be real: I may or may not have attachment issues to my family.

(Translation: Famiglia = Family in Italian) I am very Italian. This accounts for the loudness, the die-hard commitment to family, and the massive amounts of hair.

I consider myself really lucky that I can spend the whole day with my family without a) things becoming violent or b) things becoming boring. Honestly, even if they weren’t related to me, I would still want to be BFF with everyone in my family. Not quite sure they can say the same about me. hahaha.

A majority of the day was spent making faces at my nephew, Brandon, who is 3 months old and 12 pounds of adorableness. 🙂 I was told if I stuck my tongue out at him, he would mimic me. He thought this was hysterical but did not comply with the mimicking part. In the end I spent 4.3 hours of my day with my tongue out with no response. Good thing he’s quite cute.

The day started off with a Jillian Michael’s arm killer 30 Day Shred. Yay for Fitness on Demand. I was convinced this women was crazy when she was under the impression that a “modified” version of push-ups (which was expected to last for 30 second intervals) was when it was done on my knees (WTF?). All my illusions of being fit were crashed after just 7 “modified” push-ups, my arms gave out and I came crashing done face first into my mat. Ow.

Liberty, my pretty puppy, always likes to help me.

So after Jillian kicked my butt, I decided this could be a great challenge. Especially since ill be starting school soon –> will never feel like doing strength training again and will further intensify the difficulty of this. Wahoo for being crazy. I strongly doubt that I would do this every single day, so I am aiming for every other day. That means in two months I should be a beast. And not nose dive after 7 push-ups. Since my biceps are wimpy this could be interesting.

^^Before picture!

Hopefully, after doing this DVD 30 times I will have something to be proud of. Hopefully, we will be going to the gun show.


Let me know what you think :)

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